Essay Help: Body Paragraphs

Expert Essays Blog Once you have done your research and developed a coherent thesis statement, you will be able to construct the main body of your essay.

Each paragraph of the main body of your essay should address a different aspect of your main topic. Following your outline, write each paragraph as though it was under a sub-heading of the main title. Supplement each point by using and citing the evidence you collected in your research.

Each paragraph should generally be four or five sentences. Supporting your statements is the key component to a sophisticated paper. If you are writing a literary essay, all statements should also be analyzed. This entails singling out and commenting on individual words and phrases, which is generally required of upper-level papers.

A quotation should never be more than a few lines long, unless it is for a special circumstance. You must always quote using the schools designated reference style such as MLA or APA.

Indicate a longer quote by using an introductory phrase, followed a colon and then indenting the selected text on the following line. Shorter quotations, which are generally fewer than three lines, are included in the body of the paragraph and are indicated by quotation marks.

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